Vente par "Christies Londres" du 20/04/2011

20th Century Decorative Art And Design (lot n°1)

King\'s street Londres

Cobra panel, circa 1930
Lacquer on wood
43 in. (109.3 cm.) high; 31 1/8 in. (79 cm.) wide
Signed G. SUISSE

Pre-Lot Text : PROPERTY FROM A LONDON RESIDENCE. Assembled during the 1970s and 1980s by a couple furnishing their London home, this collection (lots 1-56) encapsulates the reappraisal and sense of discovery that defined the collecting of Art Nouveau and Art Deco during those pioneering decades. Selecting each acquisition on the basis of relevance and aesthetic considerations, the couple sought to create an environment, later shared by their family, that was both stimulating and scholarly, and yet retained a sense of accessibilty.
The dispersal of this collection represents an opportunity to appreciate the diversity of graphic and sculptural design that defined international creativity at the beginnings of the twentieth century.

Adjugé:  25 000 £ 

Estimation: 6 000 / 8 000 £
Adjudication: 29 900 €
Vente par Christies Londres du 20/04/2011 - 20th Century Decorative Art And Design (lot n°1)